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I’m reading through the tags and seeing a few debates on curses so I’m wondering if anyone is up for a small conversation on that? 

I run with the belief that, quite simply, ‘what goes around comes around’. If I send bad energy out, it’s going to come back one way or another. Same with good.

One of the first rules of the universe I believe is energy can’t be destroyed, just moved around, in a sense. 

Blessings aside, how does that effect how you lot work with curses? I’m more curious than anything, I don’t deal with curses myself but I’m interested to know the reasoning and such. 

My views with your belief sort of differ.

The flow of energy does return; however, I manipulate and control energy as a basic thing in my practice. 

I control what my energy does and the energy I take in. With that said, it doesn’t mean I’ll never experience bad things happening. That’s how the world works. 

Sometimes shit just happens no matter what you do. 

That being said, have I ever experienced a backlash from doing a curse?


not once. 

Maybe I’m not adding bad energy into the universe, but perhaps I am the consequences for those people putting out the bad energy.

I am the reward for the bad things that these people have done.

At least that’s how I view it. 

The universe isn’t fair, and isn’t going to fairly balance things how you want. Sometimes you need to make the effort to make the balance benefit you.

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I’m not sure if it’s because I’m slightly older than a good chunk of the pagan Tumblr population or because I have had more harmful caricatures made of things that represent me that it just makes me want to kick trashcans when people complain about new witchcraft media.

I watch a lot of television. Like … a lot of it.

Witches do not have a bad wrap in the media. Sure it may paint …uh … high expectations of magic? But honestly, the worst thing you can be in the media is not a witch it’s a person of color.

Witches in the media more often than not represent female empowerment in a male, patriarchy dominated world.

You know what the first thing I hear from people who are telling their stories about how they became a witch? They were feeling hopeless, saw a piece of witch media, saw how much control they had over their environment and decided to do some research.

People who think poorly of witches did not form their opinion because of a movie or tv show.

I know it’s hard, but you should really give people more credit than that. People look down on witches because of 1) their own religious beliefs 2) good old fashion skepticism. No one is fleeing from your pentacle because they believe you can shoot fire from your fingers or twitch your nose and turn them into a lizard.

Witchcraft media brings a lot of FANTASTIC people to the craft/a path and the stragglers/disillusioned usually get bored and find something better to do.

Around the time i adopted the title witch, I was just about to go into middle school. This was after I had some home training. But I was still knee deep in books and I put on a pentacle and went out into the world.

Then there was one of those horrific 24hr marathons that TBS used to do. They played The Craft for 24 hours straight. For fucksake.

When people came to me at school the next day, they asked me a bunch of questions. Some of them got bored. Some of them teased, but a good handful of them actually did the work and research and are still very influential members of pagan society.

Sometimes, witches in the media translate into witches in society.

The creative witch can pick up craft tricks and tips from those fictional works.

Just sayin.

Actual witches and pagans do a lot more damage to the image of witches and pagans than the media does.

Some of you are assholes. Some of you are racists, misogynists, homophobic, transphobic, filled with hate, and just plain refuse to be decent people.

I find that to be much worse than, say this:


People ADORE witches in the media. They idolize them and really appreciate their appearance in movies and television

Just start taking a tally of how many times you see these faces before Halloween gets here:


If you judge someone who becomes a witch because of witchcraft media you’re an elitist jerk

and I don’t want to be associated with you. Please leave my blog. Witchcraft is hard work and if you don’t respect someone who has put in the work just because of how they got started, fuck you. This is not easy and the people who find that they can’t handle it, don’t. No one is going to taint your special snowflake craft. No one is taking anything from you. Get off your high horse.

It’s been said over and over again, there are more dire issues facing the witchcraft and pagan community than how it is portrayed in fiction. Elitism  is part of it.

Don’t like it, don’t watch it

No one is forcing you to sit in your Laz-E-Boy, peeking through your fingers and cringing at every little thing they get wrong.

If you’re not a misrepresented minority, you have an excruciatingly small dog in this fight.

You know who gets injured by witch media? PoCs. Because for some fucking reason, everyone can differentiate fact from fiction until someone brown is involved. There’s nothing like having a magic negro or wise Indian or ancient Chinese secret to really hammer in some off the wall stereotypes that really leave people in a shitty place. The cultural appropriation and misrepresentation from the media leads to a lot of damage in the communities. Just look at the way Native American traditions have been twisted and manipulated for the media and the way their communities are treated as a result. Look at how Voodun tradition is practically shameful for African Americans to practice in the eyes of popular society…

I mean, come on.

What damage are you actually suffering?

So, someone saw a movie or tv show and finds out you’re a witch and asks you about your belief  system. Tell them you don’t feel like talking about it. Tell them it’s none of their fucking business. Ask them if they are serious or just dicking around until the elevator stops on their floor.

You know what stops people from assuming things about witchcraft? The word “no”.

But honestly, increased curiosity, participation (even temporary), or whatever the result is, is not going to hurt.

Stop whining.


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Little Irish Witch: 22 Domestic Witch Tips, Charms, and Omens



1. Spray a bit of perfume, drops of essential oils, or room spray on light bulbs to make a room smell fresh and add a magickal aura according to the scent you’ve chosen.  Make sure you do this while the light is off otherwise the light bulb will likely explode.

2. Keeping an acorn at your window will keep lightning from striking.

3. Keep a Kitchen Witch (Cottage Witch) doll in your kitchen to bring good luck and to keep away any ill meaning spirits.

4. Spilling water on your tablecloth means a storm is coming.  The same is true of a coffee pot that keeps boiling over.

5. Burn a candle on your stove to symbolize the hearth fire of the past.  This honors your patron kitchen Goddess and fills your home with love.  Candles have a longer burning life if you place them in the freezer for a few hours before lighting them.

6. To keep an unwanted visitor from returning sweep whatever room or rooms they were in as soon as they leave your home.

7. Never sweep your kitchen after the sun goes down.

8. Two yolks in an egg foretell a marriage.

9. Cakes should be baked while the sun is rising.

10. Never turn a loaf of bread upside down after it has been cut.

11. It’s good luck to receive a loaf of bread as a house-warming present.

12. To throw away bread is to throw away any potential luck and prosperity that would come to your home, instead make breadcrumbs or feed it to the birds.

13. If a ring of rice forms around the edge of a pot it means money is coming.

14. Wine leftover from ritual…freeze it in ice cube trays then add a cube or two to gravies, sauces, and casseroles as needed.

15. To make your food taste better keep a quartz crystal on or near your stove.

16. When given a plant as a gift you should not say thank you or the plant will die.

17. Those looking for love should place a pot of basil on their windowsill.

18. Rosemary can be placed under pillows to ward of evil spirits.

19. In ancient times it was believed that in gardens “where rosemary flourished, the woman ruled.”

20. Lavender can be placed under the mattress to bring passion to the marital bed or hung on a bedpost for protection.

21. Growing ivy in your home guards against disaster.

22. Grow a spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) in a space you want to purify.

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Spread Name: Stand Your Ground
card 1: The Danger- The problem that you are focused on, the problem you’re aware of
card 2: Foe- The enemy/Source of the problem
card 3: Ally- Someone/Source of help
card 4: Gossip- Things said about the problem behind your back
card 5: Denial- The problem you’re not aware of
card 6: Unknown Solution- A solution you may not be aware of
card 7: Advice- best course of action or a word of help
card 8: final outcome- the overall result


Spread Name: Stand Your Ground

card 1: The Danger- The problem that you are focused on, the problem you’re aware of

card 2: Foe- The enemy/Source of the problem

card 3: Ally- Someone/Source of help

card 4: Gossip- Things said about the problem behind your back

card 5: Denial- The problem you’re not aware of

card 6: Unknown Solution- A solution you may not be aware of

card 7: Advice- best course of action or a word of help

card 8: final outcome- the overall result


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Offerings to the Dead


Candles: A light in the darkness and also a living flame that represents life force. There are many traditions that involves lighting a single candle in remembrance of the dead.

Coins: The ancient Greeks believed that the dead required coins to pay for passage from the ferry-man Charon, who rowed the dead across the river Styx.

Flags: In the West, national flags are typically placed upon the graves of war veterans. In the East, prayer flags may be strung near tombs to convey a blessing to the dead.

Flowers: Flowers are symbols of life and they also contain vital energy that can be harnessed by spirits. Different flowers have different traditional meanings. Lilies, for example, represent resurrection.

Food: From elaborate feasts to simple offering of bread, cultures all over the world have made food offerings to the dead.

Libations: In many folk traditions, alcoholic spirits are poured out as offerings to the dead.

Prayers: This can be something as simple as a short blessing written out on a little slip of paper. Roll it up and leave it at the tomb, or tie it with a ribbon to a nearby tree.

Taken from Michelle Belanger’s book Walking the Twilight Path.

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